What is My Hair Type & Texture?

Trying to figure out what products are best for your hair type?

First things first, what is your hair type?, Everybody is born with a unique hair texture which could possibly change over time. Hair texture is the natural pattern of each hair strand on your head, different textures require a different method of care.

How to Determine Your Hair Texture? 

The best way to determine your hair texture is by washing your hair and letting it air dry without the use of any products or heat!

Straight Hair            

Hair Types: 1A, 1B, 1C

1A hair completely flat with no body, and requires a lot of TLC as the hair tends to be delicate. Asian woman are known to have this type of hair, but it is extremely rare.
1B hair has a medium texture and can hold curls, most woman with straight hair fall int this category. The ends of 1B hair can have a slight bend, unlike 1A hair which is completely straight.
1C hair has the most body and volume in this category, although this hair is straight it is prone to slight frizziness which can be easily maintained with the correct haircare.

Type 1 hair is straight and usually has a shine to it, due to the natural oils produced from the scalp, these oils can easily travel from the root to the ends of hair, because of this it is best to stay away from leave in products containing oil.

Although the oil build up with this type of hair is frequent it is not advised to wash straight hair often, as this can encourage the over producing of oils. It is best to dry shampoo this hair type and use leave in conditioner.

For this hair type we recommend using 

Wavy Hair         

Hair Types: 2A, 2B, 2C

2A hair has less frizz than 2B and 2C hair, it has a loose 'S' pattern and is easy to manage.
2B hair has more defined waves which is prone to frizz, this hair is flat and straight on the roots.
2C hair consists of tight wave patterns which is almost curly and is prone to frizz especially in damp weather.

Type 2 hair is naturally wavy and forms an 'S' shape, it can be frizzy but not dry. The best way to manage this hair type is by air drying after washing, as using a towel can create a frizz and even damage your hair.

Using a wide tooth comb whilst your hair is wet will help to detangle your hair without loosing the natural waves.

For this hair type we recommend using: Detangling Spray

Curly Hair         

Hair Types: 3A, 3B, 3C

3A hair has defined gorgeous lustrous curls without any manual manipulation, 
3B hair is springy from the roots, very similar to 3A hair its curls are very defined without manual manipulation.
3C hair has extremely dense tight curls pattern, if you have this hair type you're lucky as you have a head full of bouncy hair, this hair type stands out more when it is not exposed to heat.

Type 3 hair consists of show stopping bouncy curls. If you have type 3 hair it is best not to comb it so often as this can disrupt the natural curl pattern, instead run your finger through your wet hair and squeeze excess water out in a scrunchy motion, this hair type is also prone to dryness and frizz so moisture is a must.

For this hair type we recommend using: Coconut Oil, Scalp Growth Oil,  Shea Hair Cream
& Detangling Spray

Kinky-Coily Hair    

Hair Types: 4A, 4B, 4C

4A hair is a 'S' shape coil pattern and also holds the most moisture in the category.
4B hair is more kinky following the 'Z' pattern similar to a zig zag. 
4C hair is very similar to 4B hair but has more coils and more fragile, this hair type can break easily if the wrong type of comb is used frequently. 

Type 4 hair can be described as either curly, coily or kinky the hair may seems tough and strong but it is one of the most fragile hair types, if mistreated this can lead to breakage and dryness. The coils are either fine and thin or wiry and coarse, as the coils are super tight the hair appears to be 70% shorter than actual length. The best way to maintain this hair is to Pre-Poo (condition with oils before washing) and leave to air dry to achieve a healthy texture and shine.

For this hair type we recommend using Coconut Oil, Scalp Growth Oil,  Shea Hair Cream
& Detangling Spray


Being in tune with your hair type is vital if you want to maintain healthy happy hair, similarly understanding your skin type is equally as important, find out more on our Skin Types Blog.